João Gilberto Amoroso/Brasil – Full Album

Amoroso, released in 1976, is an album that uses an orchestral arrangement to produce the Brazilian sound of bossa nova. The album features João Gilberto on vocals and guitar, backed by a large, but not overpowering, arrangement. Lp Bossa Nova Songs Song – Vinyl Jazz Brazil


Track listing

• 1. ‘S Wonderful
• 2. Estate
• 3. Tin Tin por Tin Tin
• 4. Besame Mucho
• 5. Wave (Tom Jobim)
• 6. Caminhos Cruzados
• 7. Triste
• 8. Zingaro (Chico Buarque e Tom Jobim)
The latter four songs were written and composed by fellow bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim and adapted by Gilberto. The string section was arranged by Claus Ogerman.
The compact disc rerelease of the album is paired on a single disc with the 1981 album Brasil, with the “Amoroso” cover and the tiles of both albums
• 9. Aquarela do Brasil (Voice João Gilberto, Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso)
• 10. Disse Alguém (All of Me) (Voice João Gilberto, Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso)
• 11. Bahia com H (Voice João Gilberto, Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso)
• 12. No Tabuleiro da Baiana (Voice João Gilberto, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso & Maria Bethania)
• 13. Milagre
• 14. Cordeiro de Nana


João Gilberto (Guitar), João Gilberto (Vocals), João Gilberto (Main Performer), Milcho Leviev (Synthesizer), Bud Shank (Flute), Grady Tate (Drums), Ralph Grierson (Keyboards), Marilyn Baker (Viola), Israel Baker (Violin), Israel Baker (Concert Master), Michael Boddicker
(Synthesizer), Stella Castellucci, Claus Ogerman (Arranger), Claus Ogerman (Conductor), Joe Correro (Drums), Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion), Isabelle Daskoff (Violin), Bonnie Douglas (Violin), Glenn Garrett (Flute), Anne Goodman (Cello), Don Henderson (Assistant Engineer), Lee Herschberg (Digital Mastering), Jim Hughart (Bass), Helen Keane (Producer), Tommy LiPuma (Producer), Johnny Mandel (Arranger), Johnny Mandel (Conductor), Joel Moss (Engineer), Nelson Motta (Liner Notes), Matt Pierson (Reissue Producer), Nathan Ross (Violin), Julie Sayres (Coordination), Al Schmitt (Engineer), Al Schmitt (Mixing), David Schwartz (Viola), Paul Shure (Violin), Gerald Vinci (Violin), Gerald Vinci (Concert Master), Helain Wittenberg (Viola), John Wittenberg (Violin), Noel Newbolt (Production Assistant), Joe Goodman (Violin), Bobby Dubow (Violin), Claire Fisher (Keyboards), Michael Diehl (Design), Guto Graca Mello (Executive Producer), Bob Lipsett (Violin), Geoffrey Holder (Paintings), Eric Bowman (Assistant Engineer), Bluestone (Violin), Célio Martins (Engineer), André Midani (Executive Producer), Eddie Cainf (Flute), Eduardo Ramalho (Assistant Engineer)

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Sobre CRRochaGuitar

Carlos Roberto Rocha was born in Jacarei, São Paulo, Brazil where he began his guitar studies with his father Edegard Rocha, Oswaldo Damian and piano with Olga Cestari.Quando invited to work as guitarist with the conductor Saroya Angel Jara, who won the first ideas arrangements, he moved to Rio de Janeiro.Paralelamente career as a professional musician, I'm with Edmo Fraga guitar, harmony with the maestro Guerra Peixe, arrangement with Paulo Moura, and Peter Dalsberg later morphological analysis and composition with Marlene Fernandez. He worked for 12 years in the ICD (Industrial Company Records) and other labels, but the CID was obtained that basement as an arranger and musician recording with the great names of Brazilian music as Paulo Moura, Copinha, Laercio de Freitas, José Roberto Bertrami, Peter Dausberg, Marcio Montarroyos, Jota Moraes, Durval Ferreira, Emilio Santiago, Cauby Peixoto, Dori Caymi,Nana Caymi, Fátima Guedes, Waltel Branco, Sivuca and much more. In 1978 he made several arrangements to Rede Globo, in 1978 arranged for the singer Aline, Aftermads Group, Carlo, Cauby Peixoto, Margarita Pildayn, Claudinho Veloso and others. In 1981 along with bassist and composer Jorjão Carvalho joined the poet and the poet Walter Krauser Lizete Mercadante and artist Leão, forming the group "Wish and Nails" which resulted in the recording of "FM Radio Unpublished in Eldorado de São Paulo. He also worked with the maestro Laércio de Freitas in the Jequetibá Project; composed the soundtrack for the movie "Orestes" group "Hundredone" of Brasilia University;published by the Birdland All Music Book of Guitar Studies and Studies and Pieces for Piano; currently works in the Rio-Sao Paulo and Paraíba Valley with an arranger, composer, guitarist, video editing and audio editing.
Esta entrada foi publicada em Advanced Lessons, CRRochaGuitar Channel-(My Videos), My Sounds. ligação permanente.

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